Bon Jovi – Raise Your Hands (Richie Sambora)

Solo timing: 2:50-3:18

We all know living on a prayer. It’s literally played everywhere, except the Congo, don’t know if they have music of this caliber there.

This is not only my favorite Bon Jovi song but we have a solo worthy of review here. Two things come to mind when hearing this song:

1) The movie Spaceballs where Barf (played by John Candy) is eating barf while rocking out to this song.

2) The solo.

Harmonics are on point here. Richie busts out a quick shred playing some solid work all within 30 seconds. When I hear this solo I think 80’s Bon Jovi concert where the solo is actually happening in front of you. Other solos take you elsewhere, this one brings you to them live in concert. Nice try Bon Jovi, I’m onto you bud..

Ps. If Richie had a mustache he would be Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s.

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