Megadeth – The Killing Road (Marty Friedman)


Marty coming in hot with a full shred here. Picture a stream locomotive just getting going. Right at the 2:50 is when the locomotive can’t stop as it’s going full speed ahead. Kind of like a blitz on the QB and you’re not sure the tackle is going to happen. I’m curious on the process to get this solo done. Did Marty just rip this out in minutes and hit record? Did it take him days to get it right? Regardless the shred is captivating and makes you want to play this solo when you hear it. As a drum player I can’t help but air guitar this solo each time it happens and I air guitar few solos.

My kids next birthday party I want Marty to show up and just play Megadeth solos. If he doesn’t I think Marty could just do shows on playing solos for the crowd. I’d pay to see it. Maybe he could team up with Kirk Hammett and Zakk Wylde, tour would be called, “ShredCity.” I know I’m going off the “killing” road here but you get the point.

Bottom line: If you’re in the car and this song comes on, it’s guaranteed to go up a couple of notches due to the Mustaine/Friedman shredification.


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