Guns N’ Roses – November Rain

Solo timing: 3:58-4:45

One of my favorite solos to watch. The music video is set in a church where Axl is getting married. Slash’s role is ring bearer however he can’t seem to find the ring..

No worries, Duff to the rescue, “Bro I got you.”

Slash proceeds to the alter, drops off the ring and does an irish goodbye but for good reasons. He’s about to unleash a full shred which 3 towns over will hear.

Alright let’s get to the shred. This is a top down cruising at various speeds desert weather type of solo. The notes marry each other in a way that if your parents would hear it, they would approve the marriage for its radio friendly nature. It’s comfortable, soothing, and Slash makes it look effortless in the music video.

Envisioned convo between Director of video and Slash.

Director: Lets keep the top hat while you shred.

Slash: Nah bro, just want a Marlboro Red and my axe, start filming.



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