Ghost B.C. – Dance Macabre (Nameless Ghoul)

Solo timing: 2:18-2:47

This quick shred goes by fast however every note builds up to the next. I feel this song came out in the 80s and was kept into a vault until now.

Starts out with Drums going crash while building up the best part. Right when the switch from crash to ride at 2:33 it goes from chaotic shred to euphoric shred. You get taken from moms basement to being a sav in the club within seconds, very hard find these days among the sea of shreds. The best part was from 2:33 to the end of shred. Tone is on point, it’s 14 seconds of pure joy. It’s hard to not repeat it if you’re a shred enthusiast. Great work Ghost.


Boston – Hitch A Ride (Tom Scholz)

Solo timing: 2:32-4:11

First time I heard this solo was 2009 when I purchased the album.  I was surprised it was not heavily played on the radio and wondered why I didn’t hear this before.  Right before the solo Brad says, “Carry me away for the last time,” then Tom Scholz hammers out the most epic outro solo of all time. The overdubbed 2nd guitar catapults the solo into the next century while his euphoric notes leave you speechless throughout the entire solo. Sholz’s staccato picking will have you catch “More Than A Feeling” and will leave you wanting to hear it over and over again.  This hidden gem has timing of drums to shred a perfect match.  Usually I’ll listen to the solo on an average of 10-15 times before a review however this one slipped into the 20-30 times range just because it’s that powerful.

Timeless classic.

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Pantera – The Sleep

Solo timing; 3:00-4:42

Lots going on here. It’s a 2 part solo with a break in the middle and then Dime continues to shred.

First part: 3:00-3:43

First 19 seconds you face the facts that you’re flying in the dark. Not sure what’s next, Dime takes you to his house of shred which he abruptly kicks in the door at 20 seconds to provide an electrifying “soaring over the clouds” riff whilst whammy is on point. If you’re listening at a low volume, you would lose out by not kicking it up a couple of notches. He doesn’t let his foot off the gas until there’s a small break leaving us wondering if shred is complete.

2nd half: 3:53-4:42

Two words: Strong finish. Whammy bar damage is an understatement here. If I’m a professor of Whammy, this would be the solo I’d make all the students learn first. Everything else is easy after that.

Chalk this up as one of the classics metal solos out there. Dime may be gone but his music is very much alive today.


Zakk Wylde – Between Heaven and Hell

Solo timing: 2:09-2:35

The process for reviewing solos is as follows; Listen to solo 10-20 times to ensure I don’t miss the mark. This ensures I’m fully invested in the solo. Each one is unique and requires a fair handshake.

Today we’re discussing the guitar solo from Zakk’s first “solo” studio album Book of Shadows, song is “Between Heaven and Hell.” It’s a bit more light touch and introspective than his previous work with Pride & Glory.

Two words sum up this shred: Mini Vacation.

Right when the solo starts he says, “Somewhere” as if to say, I’m taking you to your somewhere. Right when the solo takes off you immediately feel good, picturing a sunny beach day with a slight snooze while you’re rocking this song via headphones. When you hear the slide used it gives a tropical feel of white sand and clear water, the opposite of any New England beach. When the solo is over you want to go back and listen again but you also want to listen to what’s next. I went back to listen.


Ozzy Osbourne – Hellraiser

Solo timing: 3:11-3:34

Zakk Wylde does it again on this one. Very similar solo to “Desire” in my opinion. Takes you in different directions throughout the solo however it fits perfectly with the song. Beginning starts off soaring into long stretched out notes, gearing you up for the merciless shredding about to take place all within seconds halfway through. Ending focuses on giving you a ride on Zakk’s rollercoaster of solo. Listening to this makes you want to learn guitar or get better if you’re playing already. Perhaps I should trade in my drums sticks?!


Music today sans guitar solos..


I categorize the radio in 2 buckets these days.  Radio surfing will get you Billy Joel, Elton John, Bon Jovi, etc.  Maybe this is a Boston thing?  The other side of the coin is EDM music like David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Marshmello, etc.  What happened to rock songs with guitar solos?  Seems like a lost art which you rarely hear on the radio these days.  Why?  Music has changed so much over the years and the shift from instruments to clicking a mouse have dominated the charts.  I felt compelled to share and review my favorite guitar solos along with reviewing new ones that come to my attention.

Feel free to comment and suggest your own shredding songs that get you going.

Let the madness begin.