Ozzy’s “No More Tours 2” Review- Mansfield, MA

Last time I saw Ozzy was at Ozzfest (early 2000s.) Knowing that Zakk was riding shotgun with Ozzman is a duo you can’t pass up. Joe Holmes was a great guitarist during those years at Ozzfest however Zakk has a certain showmanship on stage where he commands the crowd/guitar and puts on a true performance. Here are some pics from the show. More importantly Zakk’s solo performance will be discussed after pictures.

When I mentioned showmanship at the top that’s exactly what happened this night. Halfway through “War Pigs” Zakk suddenly exits stage left and starts walking through the crowd (pic below)

What’s he doing? He’s getting ready to unleash the shred fury upon the crowd, he waltzed around engaging the fans where the crowd starting going Wylde… He stopped walking after a minute, got up on the ledge and crushed it. This lead to many solos (Miracle Man, Crazy Babies, Desire, and Perry Mason). Zakk clearly paid attention in shred class as defined below.

Shredding 101: Must have shred stance when shredding to the crowd.

Shredding 102: Uniform must represent level of shredness you can perform. Kilt is earned once you can shred at level 10.

Textbook form below…

Would be great to get video from the ones up close in the pic above, actually it’s probably on YouTube.



Ozzy Osbourne – Hellraiser

Solo timing: 3:11-3:34

Zakk Wylde does it again on this one. Very similar solo to “Desire” in my opinion. Takes you in different directions throughout the solo however it fits perfectly with the song. Beginning starts off soaring into long stretched out notes, gearing you up for the merciless shredding about to take place all within seconds halfway through. Ending focuses on giving you a ride on Zakk’s rollercoaster of solo. Listening to this makes you want to learn guitar or get better if you’re playing already. Perhaps I should trade in my drums sticks?!


Ozzy Osbourne – Desire

Solo timing: 3:26-4:01

Desire is from the No More Tears album from Ozzy Osbourne.  I wish this solo was longer as Zakk Wylde makes it seems so effortless and leaving you wanting more.  44 seconds of pure shredding.  It starts with taking you through an uplifting melody along the strings of the axe, taking you back and forth between high and lows of the strings, midway you feel more positive about what’s about to happen then he hits the “high” right at 3:33.  Here I’m visualizing Zakk saying, “Not done yet, gotta finish strong and make every last note count.”  The last 20 seconds he pulls you in every direction possible and you’re left at the end wondering what just happened.

ps.  The image is from the cover of the 1991 “No More Tears” single vinyl disc.  All star line-up pictured!

Music today sans guitar solos..


I categorize the radio in 2 buckets these days.  Radio surfing will get you Billy Joel, Elton John, Bon Jovi, etc.  Maybe this is a Boston thing?  The other side of the coin is EDM music like David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Marshmello, etc.  What happened to rock songs with guitar solos?  Seems like a lost art which you rarely hear on the radio these days.  Why?  Music has changed so much over the years and the shift from instruments to clicking a mouse have dominated the charts.  I felt compelled to share and review my favorite guitar solos along with reviewing new ones that come to my attention.

Feel free to comment and suggest your own shredding songs that get you going.

Let the madness begin.