Ozzy’s “No More Tours 2” Review- Mansfield, MA

Last time I saw Ozzy was at Ozzfest (early 2000s.) Knowing that Zakk was riding shotgun with Ozzman is a duo you can’t pass up. Joe Holmes was a great guitarist during those years at Ozzfest however Zakk has a certain showmanship on stage where he commands the crowd/guitar and puts on a true performance. Here are some pics from the show. More importantly Zakk’s solo performance will be discussed after pictures.

When I mentioned showmanship at the top that’s exactly what happened this night. Halfway through “War Pigs” Zakk suddenly exits stage left and starts walking through the crowd (pic below)

What’s he doing? He’s getting ready to unleash the shred fury upon the crowd, he waltzed around engaging the fans where the crowd starting going Wylde… He stopped walking after a minute, got up on the ledge and crushed it. This lead to many solos (Miracle Man, Crazy Babies, Desire, and Perry Mason). Zakk clearly paid attention in shred class as defined below.

Shredding 101: Must have shred stance when shredding to the crowd.

Shredding 102: Uniform must represent level of shredness you can perform. Kilt is earned once you can shred at level 10.

Textbook form below…

Would be great to get video from the ones up close in the pic above, actually it’s probably on YouTube.



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